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Quality, personalisation and risk management

Quality, personalisation and risk management

Our Group is a leading investor in biotechnology and medical devices. We arrange financing and assist with the development of companies and their products through the proof of concept trial stage and sales. Our Life Sciences team’s know-how is a source of value creation for the companies and our clients.

Our funds support companies developing therapeutic products and innovative treatments. We generally sell our holdings to major industrial groups. They bring the products to market after we have progressed development to the point of a proof of concept trial to demonstrate that the products are safe and effective. Gilles Nobecourt Partner, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners
What defines us

The specialisation of our Life Sciences team

  • A very dedicated team

    The Life Sciences team has eight dedicated employees. It is deeply involved with its investments, which take significant holdings of 15% to 25% of capital for a period of two to six years. It also has a consistent presence on company boards.

    To date, our teams have invested in over 50 companies, leading to the creation of more than 2,000 jobs. The companies have brought a dozen new medical products and devices to market, which are now available to patients. Four generations of private equity funds have been launched on this theme.

  • Three targeted and well-managed sectors

    We primarily invest in European companies active in therapeutic products, medical equipment and devices and molecular diagnostics. We focus on developing products that are in the preclinical study or prototype stage through proof of effectiveness in humans or early sales.

  • The right answers for start-ups

    We meet the needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology start-ups with well-suited financial arrangements. We are involved as an active partner in company strategy and operational (recruiting, networking) and financial (initial public offerings and industrial sales) implementation. We also assist executives with capital operations (for example, external growth).


Investing in medical research requires extensive scientific and industrial expertise

Interview of Gilles Nobécourt, Partner, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners
By definition, medical research involves unforeseeable results. How do you make this compatible with the need for a return on investment?
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