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Asset diversification

Asset diversification

Our Private Bank aims to offer you the most extensive possible range of investments. In addition to their open-architecture allocation, your private banking manager can take advantage of the most cutting-edge expertise within our Group to meet your specific requirements and offer you new opportunities and insight in property, capital investment or infrastructure projects. They will always adapt their offering to your risk profile, in all areas.

What defines us

Experience and conviction

  • An extensive offering allowing true diversification of your wealth

    ​As well as traditional asset management, our teams can offer you other, very diverse investment opportunities. They will provide you with access to cutting-edge expertise that will enable you to invest in the most innovative and diversified assets.

  • Multi-specialist and conviction-based management

    ​At a time when many managers are content to simply follow the indices, our teams practice active management, favouring investment in securities in which they have strong convictions. This is a long-term approach that is based on in-depth financial analysis of the selected companies, carried out by experts in each of our specialist areas. 

  • Long-established experience in capital investment in growth companies

    With €1.7 billion in assets under management, the Group is a long-established player in Private Equity. Our private equity teams are experts in company analysis and can offer you investments that will enable you to diversify your holdings and participate in the growth of the economy.

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  • A pioneer in alternative multi-management

    ​The Edmond de Rothschild Group has been active in alternative multi-management since 1969 and is today one of the major players in this area at an international level. Our teams throughout the world identify, select and bring together the very best talent in the alternative management universe so that they can offer you the most attractive risk/return ratios.

  • Relevant quantitative management

    ​Pioneers in quantitative management, our teams prioritise risk monitoring to model dynamic asset allocation programmes and thus generate steady performances unaffected by volatility.

  • Historically proven performance

    ​Our management teams are recognised each year for the results they achieve.

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