Edmond De Rothschild Corporate Finance ha asesorado a GFI Informatique en el marco de la participación mayoritaria adquirida por Mannai Corporation (Catar)

Fusiones y adquisiciones - 23/11/2015

El proyecto de adquisición de GFI se enmarca en la estrategia de crecimiento de Mannai, basada en la diversificación de sus ingresos a escala mundial. Sus actividades en el ámbito de los servicios informáticos en Catar, la India y Turquía representan una plataforma complementaria para la expansión de GFI Informatique en estos mercados. (Click for the English version)

GFI Informatique (listed on Euronext Paris) is a major player in value-added IT services and software in Europe. With its multi-specialist profile, the firm serves clients with a unique combination of local presence, sector organization and world-class quality solutions. Based in France and backed by close to 11,000 employees, GFI posted 2014 revenues of €804 million.

Mannai Corporation, headquartered in Doha (Qatar), is a diversified group present in information technology, telecommunications, automobile distribution, jewellery retailing and in various activities in services. Mannai employs 6100 people and had 2014 revenues of €1.5 billion. Mannai's shares are listed on the Qatar stock exchange with a market capitalization of US$ 1.2 billion.

The projected acquisition of 51% of GFI's share capital fits perfectly into Mannai's growth strategy which is based on international revenue diversification. Mannai's IT operations in Qatar, India and Turkey provide a complementary platform for GFI's expansion into these markets. Being a long-term shareholder, Mannai aims to accelerate GFI's growth and international expansion strategy. The projected acquisition of 51% of GFI's share capital will be carried out by the acquisition of 25% of the shares  from Apax and Boussard & Gavaudan, controlling shareholders, followed by the launch of a public tender offer. This offer values GFI at approximately €561m.