Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance has advised the shareholder and manager of AEB and ROMELEC on the sale of both companies to the French group Allez et Cie

Press release - 3/22/2016

The group consisting of FPM, a holding company, and two operating companies AEB and ROMELEC is a leading regional business specialized in the design, building and maintenance of electrical engineering, climate engineering and rural electrification installations in central and western France.

Owned 100% by its manager, Emmanuel Ferrand, the Group  has over the past years grown its client base of public and private groups and has developed complementary businesses (high voltage, low voltage, public lighting, air conditioning systems) and segments (tertiary sector, industry, local authorities).

Relying on an efficient and structured organization, the group is recognized for its mastering of the value chain in complex projects and its experience in the conduct of electrical work whatever the technique to be implemented and the specifications (new, renovation, occupied site).

These considerations led Allez et Cie, a French group specialized in electrical engineering  (35 agencies – 1200 employees) to acquire AEB and ROMELEC and thereby complete its geographical coverage.

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