Featuring Delphine Horvilleur at the latest Croissance Plus Women's luncheon

News - 6/2/2015

On Tuesday May 26th, the Group took part in the 18th edition of the Croissance Plus Women's luncheon, an initiative that it has co-organised for four years, with an aim to shine a light on women entrepreneurs. The luncheon gathered about 50 women around Delphine Horvilleur, one of only a few women rabbis in France.

Privileged Encounters

Our Private Banking division stands close to companies and their leaders and is a long-term partner of Croissance Plus. It joined the Croissance Plus Women's luncheon project in 2011. In 4 years, 300 women entrepreneurs and 25 women Private Bankers were invited to the restaurant of Hélène Darroze, who was crowned "world best woman chef" in April 2015. These women had the opportunity to meet varied personalities such as Zahia Ziouani (conductor), Brigitte Lefèvre, Catherine Pégard, Martine Monteil (the first woman to head the police forces) and Véronique Vasseur (Department Head ot AP-HP, Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris). Each of these luncheons provide insight on an outstanding career as well as rich and animated discussions.

With these luncheons, we aim to being together women entrepreneurs and representatives of the Bank and Croissance Plus in France in order to:

  • meet remarkable women with outstanding careers
  • shed light on the journey of these women entrepreneurs
  • develop each one's networking and business.

Female Entrepreneurship

In Europe, on average one out of three companies are founded by women. Created in 1997, Croissance Plus is an association which brings together 200 high-growth company leaders and their partners. It decided to promote women entrepreneurs in order to alleviate their low representation within professional organisations.

With a Private Banking offering dedicated to women, our Group is a point of reference for these entrepreneurs.