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Macro Highlights: The Swiss franc and the yuan are on diverging paths

Whereas an upsurge in the value of the Swiss franc might prompt the Swiss National Bank to take new policy measures, the Chinese yuan has weakened against the dollar since the election of Donald Trump. The yuan’s depreciation has been moderate so far but could gain pace more than expected. These points are analysed by economist Matthias van den Heuvel, a member of our Economic Research team.
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Macro Highlights

Macro Highlights: China – Short-term gain, long-term pain

François Léonet, economist, member of our Economic Research team, comments in the Macro Highlights of this week the China's GDP growth. With GDP growth stabilising at 6.7%, the government is likely to engage in less budgetary stimulus, which will in turn limit the 2017 growth outlook.
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Macro Highlights

An honour for the yuan

The yuan will now be among the currencies in the IMF's Special Drawing Rights basket, an encouraging sign of China’s ongoing integration in the global financial system. Trust in the yuan will take time to build. In the short term, the Chinese currency should remain under pressure.
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