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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Corporate Finance​

Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance provides corporate finance advisory services to family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs and investment funds for all their capital and financing operations, at all stages of their development.

As trusted partners, our teams of seasoned professionals ​support you throughout your transactions in order to maximise their potential, in tune with your strategic objectives and convictions.​




Edmond de Rothschild advises entrepreneurs, family businesses and investment funds throughout their majority and minority stake sales, fund raising, acquisitions, and financing operations.


Our team is composed of over 60​ multi-specialist bankers who combine their experience in conducting competitive processes, their expertise in financial engineering and structuring alongside a strong multi-sector specialisation to advise you to the highest standards in the execution of your operations. Fully dedicated from the earliest stage to the closing of your transaction, we provide you with bespoke advice to optimise each strategic and operational parameter of your operations.


We capitalise on the Edmond de Rothschild group's historical expertise in investment, wealth structuring and planning to advise you by taking a holistic approach to your wealth that integrates your overall private and professional goals.​




The highest level of standards in terms of execution

Our teams are fully dedicated to your projects and our senior bankers are actively engaged in every step of the execution. Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of the Edmond de Rothschild group, they tailor each aspect of the process to your specific requirements.


A selective and conviction-based approach to the mandates we chose that guarantees our total involvement in your operations.

We choose quality, not quantity. We believe that it is our responsibility to advise our clients, first and foremost, on the feasibility of their projects in order to maximise their chances of success. This strategy of rigorous selection is reflected in the particularly high success rate of our mandates.


Experienced teams of specialists who couple advanced technical skills with an in-depth understanding of specific sectors.

This sector expertise allows us to apprehend your specific ecosystem and challenges rapidly and accurately, at each step of the transaction.


The team carries out a large volume of transactions, enabling it to keep abreast of market expectations and developments. This leadership position makes the team even more agile in the way it conducts its processes, to the benefit of the client's interests.


Integrated advice to ensure the global consistency of our clients’ wealth management over the long term.

​Our teams work closely with our private bank professionals and our wealth engineers to provide you with access to the full range of our Group's expertise in financial management and wealth engineering.​





Strong and recognised expertise in the following sectors: Health, Tech/Digital, Education, Real estate, Hotels/Tourism, Transport/Logistics, Financial Services, Ecology and ​W​ine.

We leverage our deep understanding of these industries to identify precisely the issues specific to your market and sector, and tailor the processes of your operations accordingly.


A strong expertise covering all fields of the healthcare sector (pharmacies, clinics, nursing homes, pharmaceutical laboratories, medical analysis laboratories, medical devices, medical technology, CRO, etc.). Our team has advised on a large number of transactions in this sector, thus developing deep insights into the economic and structural trends underway, key players and consolidation opportunities.


A team of professionals specialised in the digital and software publishing sectors, and a high-growth business in a fast-moving sector. We call on our in-depth knowledge of the market and its key players to advise companies and their managers, in particular regarding their fund raising and capital restructuring operations.

The team leverages our Group ecosystem to always be at the forefront of opportunities arising in the sector.

Real estate

As a leading player in the real estate sector, we draw on a recognised track record, and in-depth knowledge of the key players and the various types of underlying assets to assist our clients in their capital restructuring operations. We capitalise on the Edmond de Rothschild g​roup's real estate asset management expertise and on its private bank network which is a valuable source of attractive opportunities as well as potential buyers.​


Consolidation in the education and training sector has accelerated sharply in recent years as a result of significant investor appetite for the sector's key trends. This dynamic is based on the visibility of sales of degree courses and the effectiveness of training/education in professional reintegration/career revitalisation. The team has completed more than 10 transactions in the sector since the start of 2021.​


The Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure sector has seen a very strong post-Covid recovery, demonstrating the sector's very strong fundamentals and resilience. The sector is marked by accelerating consolidation around platforms backed by financial investors (whether in hotels, open-air hotels, leisure or catering). The sector is also characterised by the strong presence of family offices, which see the sector as one of the most resilient segments within the Consumer sector, as well as a wealth management approach when it also includes real estate. The team advises on between 5 and 10 deals a year in this sector.​


Recognised expertise in the transport and logistics sector, with a track record spanning the entire value chain (freight forwarding, contract logistics, national and international freight forwarding, last-mile delivery, etc.).

​We regularly act for company directors and managers in capital restructuring, disposals and acquisitions. In particular, we have recently carried out a number of innovative transactions for the sector with infrastructure funds or funds dedicated to investment in decarbonisation projects.


Key figures at​ 31/12/2023

dedicated bankers
deals completed since 2006                                                                             
family owned                                                                            
countries through the private bank network                                                                            
dedicated bankers
deals completed since 2006​ ​​                                                                             
family owned                                                                            
countries through the private bank network​​                                                                            
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