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Real estate & urban development

Across our entire business, we hope to rebuild the cities of yesterday, invigorate the cities of today, and invent the cities of tomorrow.

We believe real estate is a sector that is very closely linked to changes in our society and our lifestyles. Amidst environmental challenges, changes in habits, the digital revolution and urban transformations, the real estate sector has to contend with the major upheavals of our time.

Our conviction is that we must, via our direct investments and with our clients, facilitate and finance the major transformations of this sector, which affect land-use planning, the development of new and sustainable buildings, and the renovation and energy optimisation of obsolete buildings.

A long-standing commitment

1853 1870

Major urban development.

Funding given to Haussmann’s projects for revolutionising Paris’s urban landscape

1965 1975

A city in the countryside.

Cogifrance, the first subsidiary of the Edmond de Rothschild Group to specialise in real estate, develops new districts in the outskirts of Paris, with the slogan “A city in the countryside”.


Last skyscraper in Paris.

Cogifrance completes the Tour Super-Italie as part of a project designed to replace housing blocks, thought to be unsanitary, with large-scale buildings.

2011 2012

OROX: Real-estate asset
management pioneers in Switzerland.

Creation of Edmond de Rothschild Real Estate SICAV, the first Swiss real estate SICAV fund.


Cleaveland: the first retail OPCI.

The French portfolio management company Cleaveland joins the Group. It suggests introducing the first retail OPCI exclusive to a private bank.


Cording: expanding our borders.

The addition of Cording extends the Group's real estate activities into the UK, Germany and Benelux.


Confirmation of an integrated
real-estate platform.

Edmond de Rothschild reiterates its wish to become a key real-estate player and create a platform covering the entire value chain.

In 2050, 68% of the world's population will live in cities

Requiring major urban development.
Here is how we are helping to create the cities of tomorrow.

Rebuild the city

Increasing the positive impact by renovating obsolete buildings.

Europe has over 11,500 square miles of unusable land. There are also many obsolete buildings that need renovating to make them more attractive, efficient and compliant with environmental standards.

By regenerating brownfield sites

Development of a 250 000 m² eco-district on former industrial land around Geneva

Conversion of a 65 000 m² factory complex in the Mitte district of Berlin

By cleaning up contaminated land to build green cities

Depollution and restoration of 600 000 m² in Europe

Live the city

Rethinking cities to anticipate the need of future communities.

The city of tomorrow will be designed and built around the user. Today, we need to work with local communities to transform cities into genuine living and social spaces.

By collaborating with local authorities to build homes and centres of excellence

Development of

66 multi-generation apartments in Geneva

17 000 m² of offices and laboratories developed by the canton of Vaud for the Lausanne science park.

By developing new services to meet new needs.

Conversion of a 9 300 m² building in Paris into a “Youth Hostel 2.0”

Creation of a range of residential offers in a vacant 7 800 m² former office block in Helsinki

Inventing cities

Supporting the change in uses of real estate.

Whether it's housing, storage, a workplace or a consumer hub, real estate is part of our daily lives. We want to help construct the buildings of tomorrow and incorporate services into construction.

By building new urban-development models

Unique partnership with public and private institutions in Bagneux for a 300 000 m² Smart City project

4000 new homes planned as part of the “Or Yam” Smart City project in Israel

By supporting construction of the buildings of tomorrow

Repurposing an obsolete and vacant 2 500 m² on the outskirts of Paris awarded with environmental and well-being certifications