Management options

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Benefit from professional financial expertise

Benefit from professional financial expertise

These management options enable our partners and their clients to entrust management of their asset allocations to specialists while maintaining control over the management approach they select.

Our managment options

  • Manager-guided policies: Delegated selection of fund investment vehicles

    Policyholders delegate the selection of their policy investment vehicles and policy arbitrage based on a pre-selected management method in line with the desired level of risk and management approach.

    Depending on market opportunities, the financial experts will decide the new fund allocations for each management style (applied to all policies with the same orientation).

  • Advisory management: Personalised fund investment assistance

    The policyholder is advised on their investment choices by a financial expert, but they maintain their decision-making power over the allocation of the investment vehicles in their insurance policy.

    The expert suggests investment and arbitrage opportunities for the policy based on market trends and the risk profile of the policyholder who is free to accept the allocation suggestions, to adjust them or to reject them.

    The policyholder manages their contract with the expert assistance of a financial professional.

  • Personalised Management with a discretionary management mandate

    Delegated selection of fund investment vehicles and paper securities

    The policyholder entrusts the selection and changes in investment allocation vehicles to a financial specialist in line with the management profile they defined.  Profile management is entirely personalised for the client based on their asset management goals and the level of risk they want.  The potential investment universe is extensive.