Edmond de Rothschild Equity Strategies (ERES)

About us

A tradition of minority investments

Edmond de Rothschild Equity Strategies (ERES) is a historical strategy of the Group, perpetuating its long tradition of minority investment in growth companies initiated by its founder, Edmond de Rothschild. The ERES team started deploying this investment philosophy 1998 through the French holding company of the Group (Edmond de Rothschild SA) and then in its successive funds ERES I (2006 - €100 million), ERES II ( 2011 - €217 million) and now ERES III (2016, €300 million).​​

Our investment strategy

A dynamic diversification strategy in private equity

ERES invests €10 to €45 million in privately-owned high-quality, mid-sized companies (enterprise value in the €100 million to €2 billion range), which we think offer an attractive risk-return profile, while retaining significant flexibility:

  • Investing worldwide,
  • Alongside other best-in-class shareholders,
  • In highly diverse situations, particularly leveraged buyouts (LBOs), organic growth (development capital) or sector consolidation (buy & build).

ERES does not invest in real estate assets, turnarounds, technology start-ups with an unproven business model or in debt instruments with a view of obtaining control over the company.

In an increasingly segmented private equity market, a broad investment mandate enables ERES to seize the best opportunities, and provides the necessary agility needed to deploy capital optimally, regardless of the cycles of a particular region or a sector.

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