Why work with ERES?

  1. A source of capital which can be rapidly and reliably mobilized
    1. Invested by a dedicated, responsive and disciplined team
    2. Fast and clear decision-making process
    3. Reliability of execution (€300m fund)
    4. €10-45m per deal
  2. A dense network of contacts which can help the target company create more value
    1. Access to a deep pool of entrepreneurs / CEOs / descision makers (private banking clients) in virtually any sector of the economy in Europe
    2. Business opportunities with 170+ portfolio companies
  3. A partnership with the Edmond de Rothschild group
    1. Adds credibility to bids (brand power)
    2. Increases the visibility and attractiveness of the target company for subsequent transactions


The Edmond de Rothschild Equity Strategies (ERES) team can be involved at several stages of the investment process:

  • Before exclusivity: ERES participates in the due diligence with its partners and commits to the overall total equity;
  • Between exclusivity and closing: ERES can fund up to half of the amount of the transaction until its majority partners syndicate to their own investors. This solution is particularly suited for funds who have to execute a transaction and at the same time syndicate some co-investment to their own investors. ERES provides them with an additional investment capacity and flexibility in the syndication process;
  • During the life of an investment, if a majority shareholder has to re-inject some equity in a portfolio company, partnering with ERES in the transaction allows it to avoid inviting a competitor.