Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance advises the founder and CEO of Medisys

News - 4/29/2019

Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance advises the founder and CEO of Medisys on the sale of the company to investment fund Activa Capital

Founded in 1991 by Bernard Chevalier and based in Aix-en-Provence, Medisys designs and sells software for home help services and care homes.

Keen to inject fresh momentum into the company while freeing himself up to focus on other projects, Bernard Chevalier has decided to sell Medisys to Activa Capital, supported by Turenne Santé and Guillaume Bouillot, who is succeeding Bernard Chevalier as the company’s CEO. The founder is supporting the deal by remaining a shareholder of Medisys.

The new management team will continue to abide by the values on which the company has built its success while giving it the resources it needs to speed up the digitalisation of personal services. The challenge is to support transformation for organisations operating care homes and providing home help services, medical/nursing services and help with day-to-day living. Medisys’s growth is based on its recognised expertise in taking care of dependent persons and in technological innovations that simplify organisational processes for operators and allow for secure monitoring of people receiving care. The company also plans to step up the rollout of traceability systems for hygiene and cleanliness services in sensitive environments, particularly in the medical world, with its Mobiserv solution.

With 17 years’ experience starting up and then selling CRM software vendor Eudonet, Guillaume Bouillot brings fresh energy to the company and is keen to speed up its development by strengthening customer relationships and cooperation with the ecosystem.

Activa Capital and Turenne Santé will enable Medisys to strengthen its positioning through strategic acquisitions that round out its offering.

Bernard Chevalier says: “This deal will inject fresh impetus into Medisys, whose solid fundamentals will enable it to continue and intensify its rapid growth and satisfy its customers, who are among the most demanding in the medical-social sector.”

Christophe Parier and Alexandre Masson, Partners at Activa Capital, said: “We were attracted by the history and positioning of Medisys. With Guillaume Bouillot coming on board, the company will be well placed to fulfil its ambitious growth plans. This acquisition is fully aligned with Activa Capital’s strategy of investing in companies that have reached an inflection point in their growth to help boost their development.” 



Corporate lawyer: Allen Overy (Raphaël Bloch)



Activa Capital: Christophe Parier, Alexandre Masson, Frédéric Singer, Elliot Thiéblin

Turenne Santé: Mounia Chaoui, Grégory Dupas

Financial due diligence: PwC (David Willems, Pierre-Mikhaël, Kévin Barrier)

Strategic due diligence: PMSI (Remi de Guilhermier, Florence Royer, Lucinda Nicholson)

Employment and legal due diligence: Hogan Lovells (Stéphane Huten, Paul Leroy, Alexandre Jeannerot)

M&A bank: Bryan Garnier (Thibaut De Smedt, Pierre Lafitte, Alexandre Brestin)

Corporate lawyers: Hogan Lovells (Stéphane Huten, Paul Leroy, Alexandre Jeannerot), Paul Hastings (Sébastien Crepy)

Financing lawyer: Hogan Lovells (Alexander Premont, Luc Bontoux, Adrien Gaudron)



Vendor due diligence: Exelmans (Stéphane Dahan, Manuel Manas, Matthieu Réglade)

M&A bank: Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance (Philippe Duval, Marguerite Mell, Lucrèce d'Assignies, Aurélien Rivière)

Corporate lawyer: Lamartine Conseil (Vincent Libaud)


Senior financing

Senior debt: Crédit du Nord (Bertrand Descours, Amandine Proux), Crédit Agricole Provence Alpes

Côte d’Azur (Christophe Lejeune, Violaine Mahier), BNP Paribas (Mathias Ronzeaud)