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Preserving and building your wealth

Preserving and building your wealth

Our Private Banking teams think in terms of your overall assets. The Rothschilds have been bankers and entrepreneurs for seven generations. They have demonstrated the importance of protecting, growing and transferring family values and assets over that time.

Our private bank is characterised by an expansive offer of services and an acute understanding of our clients’ financial goals. We provide tailor-made solutions, anchored by a long-term vision and a strategy for risk management. Vincent Taupin Chairman, Edmond de Rothschild (France)
Our approach

Understanding your needs and goals

Effective wealth management primarily means growing your assets. However, it must also enable you to look ahead two or three generations.

All family assets are different and every family is unique. Your Private Banker's intimate understanding of your needs means that they will be able to help you make the right decisions today for the future.  From investments to succession planning, your trusted advisor will design a personalised, high-performance strategy tailored to your financial goals and risk profile.

What defines us?

Savoir-faire and international advisory services

  • ​A complete services offering

    Whether you require wealth planning and structuring, customised portfolio management, asset diversification, mergers and acquisitions consulting, real estate investments, artwork acquisition or philanthropy, our teams can assist you with every aspect of your personal and family wealth management.

  • ​A highly innovative approach

    The professionals at the Edmond de Rothschild Group are renowned for their agility and innovation skills. They were alternative multi-management pioneers in 1969 and have introduced many other significant initiatives since.

  • Technical and specialised expertise

    ​From value picking and open-architecture investment fund selection to investment advisory, real estate risk analysis and private equity investments, our team members are all leading experts in their sector.

  • Rigorous risk monitoring and assessment

    ​As a result of its entrepreneurial profile, the Edmond de Rothschild Group pays particular attention to overall risk analysis and management from both personal and financial standpoints.

  • An advisor when you need one

    ​Each one of our wealth management advisors has a limited number of clients and develops a special, long-term relationship with them. Your advisor is always on hand, is aware of your concerns and is always ready to answer your questions and meet your needs.

  • ​Personalised solutions

    We are a banking group sized to meet each of our clients' personal needs. This has allowed us to be a very agile and creative centre of excellence. We listen to our clients and propose tailored solutions as needed.

  • An international presence and outlook

    ​The Edmond de Rothschild Group has 31 offices in 19 countries. Regardless if you are in Hong Kong, Geneva, London, Milan, Tel Aviv, Paris or Luxembourg, your private bank is always close by. Our multilingual and multicultural teams are trained to deal with a full range of local issues.

Investment services

Investment services suited to your needs
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Risk analysis and management

The widest possible selection of investments
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Wealth engineering

The best possible decisions to structure and increase your assets
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Advisory services for entrepreneurs

The best advice to executives and their families
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Exclusive services and opportunities

Access to exclusive opportunities
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Life Insurance

A team of specialists in life insurance advisory services
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To give substance to your philanthropic projects
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