Active advisory

Freedom & Advice

Freedom & Advice

You are free to implement your investment ideas and follow our advice while taking advantage of our organization's services to meet your goals.

Our active advisory service is based on three pillars:

Personal contact

We create your personal profile at the time of Advisory Agreement signature

We provide advice relevant to your specific situation and your goals throughout the entire relationship

We monitor your portfolio's consistency with your goals at all times

We guarantee proactive support

Your manager-advisor is proactive and will contact you with investment ideas based on market opportunities

You have direct access to your manager-advisor to give instructions and ensure that they are executed under the best possible conditions

We offer an extensive investment universe

Preferred access to a large range of the best external and Group mutual funds

Direct access to live securities: stocks and bonds

Trackers and structured products

Your manager-advisor will work closely with you to build a portfolio based on our bank's convictions that meets your investment goals.

Portfolio review: performance, consistency with your goals, portfolio risk monitoring and follow-up with you. Allocation architecture: allocation strategies and investment themes, exchanges and review of our investment ideas; implementation: search for opportunities, entry point definition, position monitoring and exit point determination. Instrument selection: directly held stocks and bonds, mutual funds, Trackers (index funds) and structured products.