Private Banking

In choosing Edmond de Rothschild, you are entrusting us with much more than your money. You are sharing your values, commitments and projects, so that we can make them a reality and bring them to fruition.

We address your wealth in its globality and open up new prospects for you. It is vital for us to know all of your objectives and understand the challenges involved.

It is a point of honour for us to support you as your wealth evolves and put you in contact with the specialised individuals who can best respond to your needs.

Our Approach

A forward-looking relationship

From our very first contact, our focus is on the future: your convictions and your vision for the future are at the heart of our relationship. We take a multi-generational view to ensure that the decisions we make today are the right ones for tomorrow.

Constantly evolving support

Your thinking and expectations will change as our relationship progresses. Our role is to anticipate these changes as best we can. We adopt an agile, entrepreneurial approach, combining our various areas of expertise to provide you with the most appropriate solutions.

A comprehensive view of your assets

We support you in your vision of the future, and in more than just financial terms, so as to create an enriched and lasting relationship. When entering our relationship, we seek to understand your issues and vision of the future. We take a multi-generational view to ensure that the decisions we make today are the right ones for tomorrow.

Investment based on strong convictions

We do not invest in index funds. We keep a close eye on economic, social and environmental changes so that we can help you to invest meaningfully and stay connected to the real economy.

Key Figures


 Bn CHF Asset


Our Offer


  • Transforming and structuring your assets
  • Overall strategic asset allocation
  • Financial management
  • Diversifying sources of performance
  • External asset managers


  • Conviction-driven investment in international markets
  • Quantitative innovation that delivers for our clients
  • Concrete investments rooted in the real economy
  • Privileged access to leading international investment managers


  • Helping entrepreneurs develop their business model
  • Playing a part in the emergence of new growth economies
  • Building and financing the infrastructure of tomorrow

Institutional &
Fund Services

  • Fund structuring support
  • AIF and UCITS Management Company
  • Domiciliary agent, fund administration, registrar & TA
  • Depositary bank and custodian
  • Portfolio management and distribution support solutions


  • Managing and developing real estate investment for all types of clients across Europe
  • Investments aligned with long-term social trends
  • Value creation throughout the real estate chain
  • Strategic advisory


  • Advice on mergers, acquisitions and disposals
  • Advice on financing, capital structure and restructuring
  • Addressing wealth, legal and tax issues with our Private Banking teams

Our Singularity


Our unique culture shapes the customer relationship. Aligning our interests with yours is fundamental to our business.


We have the freedom to express our convictions, in keeping with regulatory requirements, from the platform of a strong brand and family ownership.


Efficient decision-making enables us to generate a high degree of synergy between our areas of expertise. We are creative and responsive in rolling out innovative solutions.


It is our responsibility to offer you meaningful investments aligned with your values. We do not compromise on seeking immediate results, choosing instead to focus on the long-term.

Global Presence



We are not just bankers. The wealth and diversity of our businesses – be they in finance, lifestyle, competitive sailing or philanthropy – contributes to the unique experience that we bring you. These different sectors make us curious and open us up to the world in order to bring you the best investment solutions.