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Our expertise

Asset monitoring and protection of your interests

Asset monitoring and protection of your interests

The role played by approved custodians with a solid financial foundation is essential in the current market environment. Our teams ensure fully independent monitoring of investments and, in addition to securities custodian services, provide you with protection and risk management.

Our priority is to ensure fully independent asset monitoring and to offer protection and risk management. Philippe Anstett Head of operations and project management
What defines us?

Solidity and protection

  • A strict, conservative equity management policy

    ​To ensure the strength of our custodian bank, equity is immediately deposited with the European Central Bank or leading institutions. You benefit from preferential access to our trading room, which does not carry out transactions on its own behalf, but forwards orders for our clients exclusively. The Bank does not grant medium-/short-term collateralised loans (Lombard loans) with draconian weighting criteria.

  • A high solvency ratio in the Luxembourg financial centre

    ​According to the regulations in effect in Luxembourg, all credit institutions must have a minimum regulatory solvency ratio of 10.5%. The Edmond de Rothschild (Europe) ratio was 27.92% on 31 December 2014, i.e. over 2.5 times higher than the minimum. 

  • Resources exclusively from our clients

    ​We do not depend on the interbank market for refinancing, which means that our liquidity risk is very limited. There is also no maturity lag between our assets and liabilities, given that the Bank issues no debt and is therefore not rated. Our priority is to protect your interests over the long term.

  • Asset monitoring

    ​Segregation of bank assets is of primary importance for the safety of your assets. Your liquid assets are invested with a very select group of bank counterparties backed by government or supranational institution bonds. In addition, your securities are sub-deposited with regional custodians, carefully selected by the Bank, which are forbidden from engaging in securities lending.

Our offer

Safeguarding your cash and securities deposits

  • Custody of assets (supervisory duty)
  • Fiduciary deposits
  • Liaison with the investment manager(s) and adviser(s)
  • Selection and supervision of the sub-custodian network
  • Processing, settlement and reconciliation of securities and cash transactions
  • Processing and settlement of dividend and capital transactions
  • Payment of invoices, taxes and commissions
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