Real Estate

Real estate is not just a key sector, it makes a vital contribution to the development of our society. More than just an area of expertise, real estate is a business based on convictions at Edmond de Rothschild. It is not limited to a simple return-based approach; it is our responsibility to support environmental and social changes with strong operational and local involvement.

Our Approach

So that our clients can take full advantage of these challenges, we have combined a set of technical, financial, legal, strategic and sales skills to be able to intervene across the entire value chain. Our operational abilities enable us to identify opportunities and generate value from all types of real estate assets.

Whether on behalf of collective investment vehicles, or for institutional or private third parties, we are active in the development and management of their property investments throughout Europe.

A new approach to real estate incorporating modern challenges:


Impact of urbanisation and infrastructures

Renewal of neighbourhoods

Impact of the "Millennial” generation


Increased mobility

Growth in life expectancy

Ageing of the population


Environmental standards and certifications

Energy efficiency and impact of climate change

Revegetation of cities and buildings

At 30 August 2019

Key figures

 Billion CHF AUM


 Offices in Europe

A European presence

As a resolutely European group, our team specialised in direct real estate investing is divided among 11 offices in order to be close to the markets and their partners.

A business built up over time


Real estate is one of our priorities. Thanks to a series of targeted acquisitions, we have accumulated local expertise, which we make available to our clients, regardless of their country of residence. At present, thanks to solid expertise in direct real-estate investment, we can provide specific services and advice, and offer products that reflect our convictions.


Creation of Cleaveland, a management company specialising in the French real estate market


Launch of OROX Capital Investment, a value-added fund dedicated to Swiss commercial real estate, in partnership with Edmond de Rothschild


Creation of Cording, a management company specialising in UK real estate


Creation of Edmond de Rothschild Real Estate SICAV, the first Swiss real estate SICAV fund


Edmond de Rothschild acquires a majority stake in OROX Asset Management SA, supervised by FINMA


Edmond de Rothschild France acquires Cleaveland, supervised by the AMF


Creation of OROX Europe SA and development of a European platform within the group.

Integration of Cording into Edmond de Rothschild Real Estate and its subsidiary OROX Europe


Our convictions


For us, real estate is a sector that is very closely linked to changes in our society and our lifestyles. Amidst environmental challenges, changes in habits, the digital revolution and urban transformations, the real estate sector has to contend with the major upheavals of our time.

Our conviction is that we must, via our direct investments and with our clients, facilitate and finance the major transformations of this sector, whether they affect land-use planning, the development of innovative and sustainable buildings, or the renovation and energy optimisation of obsolete buildings.


Revitalising neighbourhoods and large housing estates and having a positive impact on urbanism and the environmental footprint.


Collaborating with authorities and local communities to create places for living and interaction.


Supporting the construction of the buildings of tomorrow and incorporating services in construction.

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