Risk Management Advisory

Our expertise

A solid experience in risk management advisory

A solid experience in risk management advisory

The Edmond de Rothschild Group has provided its industrial and institutional clients with a financial risk management advisory service since the early 1990s. Our experts structure tailored solutions to hedge currency, interest rate, equities and raw materials exposure risks.

What defines us

Bespoke hedging solutions

  • Risk Analysis & Quantification

    ​Our risk management philosophy requires in-depth knowledge of the needs and constraints of our clients for all hedging decisions. Given the context, understanding the nature of the risks involved is of primary importance. The first step in our approach is a detailed risk analysis which takes into account current and potential exposure. The analysis enables the implementation of a management policy and the definition of a target hedging level (benchmark).


    The analysis is adapted to the specificities of each client based on their business sector (industrial companies, pension funds, investment funds) and the type of risk hedged (currencies, interest rates, equities, raw materials).

  • Structuring

    ​Once the risk management framework is in place, risk hedging strategies which take market conditions into account are proposed to reduce underlying instrument risk and the cost of hedging. Our specialists develop solutions based on the use of optional structures which provide protection against unfavourable movements in the underlying instruments while ensuring that positive movements provide a benefit (asymmetrical profile).


    Minimizing the accounting (IFRS) and regulatory (Solvency II, SST) impact of the hedging strategies is currently as important as minimizing financial risks. The hedging strategies offered take these aspects into account.

  • Execution

    ​Thanks to its strong presence in the markets, Edmond de Rothschild is able to provide its clients with competitive prices via a process which creates competition between its banking counterparties and other market makers.  Edmond de Rothschild acts either as a counterparty or as an execution agent.

  • Financial and accounting follow-up

    ​We are aware of the importance of follow-up and provide our clients with complete service via an internet site which is dedicated, personalised and secured to ensure data confidentiality. Dynamic follow-up enables our team to suggest restructuring options to improve hedging profiles.

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