Corporate Finance

Providing corporate advisory services is an important historical activity for the Edmond de Rothschild group. Developing close relationships on strategic issues, we have cultivated a tradition as a family-owned and discreet advisory bank. We provide solutions to address strategic challenges encountered by companies and their shareholders.

Commitment and know-how

An independent and experienced advisory bank

 Our independence is a guarantee of the alignment of our interests with that of our clients The track record of our transactions is a testament to the length of our experience and the depth of our commitment. Defending the interests of our clients is at the heart of our mission, whether in order to realise assets or to seize opportunities for long-term growth.

A structured offer of financial services

 We have developed and refined a complete advisory offering to assist our clients across all situations. We design strategic and financial solutions in response to the specific requirements of each client, in line with their short and long-term objectives and in the context of the particular aspects of each transaction.

A personal commitment at each step of the transaction

 We offer a comprehensive service throughout each transaction in the framework of a close relationship with our clients. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a family-owned enterprise, an institutional investor or a large corporation, a senior member of our management team will be at your sides from beginning to end of the mission.

Specialized skills

 We offer our customers a complete offer of services. Whether it be specialist industry expertise, access to international partners, advice on debt restructuring or on transactions with a real estate component, our experts will be there to satisfy your requirements. We can call into play, if necessary, the wealth management expertise of the Edmond de Rothschild Group private bank to take into account inheritance, legal and tax issues in relation to these transactions. 

Address the needs of compagnies and their shareholders

We design financial and strategic solutions to help our clients grow their assets and identify opportunities for sustainable growth.