Big Data isn't just about GAFA

Press release - 11/13/2018

In short
  • Tech stock valuations are still stretched
  • Big data’s value creation goes beyond the sector alone
  • Achieving competitive edge can benefit all economic segments

Leading tech stocks have been through a choppy period in recent weeks due to profit taking.

Vital challenges across all sectors

Steady falls in US interest rates between 2006 and 2016 encouraged investors to move into growth stocks in the quest for performance. Tech stocks offered the promise of disruption and investors piled in. Abundant liquidity from low interest rates helped fund their growth and the trend became self-sustaining. But current valuations are still stretched, and some are extremely high so sector turbulence could well persist. Nevertheless, there is more to big data than GAFA stocks. The big data sector is the 21st century’s new black gold for all sectors, even the most traditional. 

Only a few years ago, data’s strategic importance was still largely underestimated by many economic players. But progress in computational power, machine learning and increasing connectivity has created an El Dorado with innumerable applications. The path traced by Google and Facebook more than ten years ago is now being trodden by thousands of start-ups. And nimbler players in established sectors like insurance and autos are close behind. Iconic successes like the victory of Google’s artificial intelligence against the world Game of Go champion; rapid progress in facial and vocal recognition techniques, and genuinely driverless cars have ended up convincing the most sceptical observers. 

Yet, this data mass is worthless if it cannot be analysed, a situation that prevailed only a few years ago. Today, any company which knows how to harness these data can achieve competitive edge from using a broader range of parameters to make better decisions, lift current performance via cost optimisation/reduction and productivity gains and create new, better-targeted products. Investing in big data is now essential for companies which want to protect and grow their businesses and revolutionize their development models. 

The first to take the plunge into the sea of data were, unsurprisingly, tech companies. Leading groups like IBM, Cisco and Microsoft have for several years been massively investing in data centres and dedicated IT analysis solutions. They then started to offer new solutions to huge sections of the economy.

But over and above the tech sector, data processing has also had an impact on more traditional sectors like banking and insurance, industrial maintenance, energy efficiency, autos and healthcare.

Building balanced portfolio 

We believe big data has established itself as a strategic investment theme in its own right. In the minds of decision-makers who are revamping their businesses to take this paradigm shift into consideration, the theme has never been more pivotal. Investors have a better grasp of tech stocks, and particularly GAFA companies and so naturally they have invested massively in them. But we think it is easier to find investment opportunities in other segments like infrastructure providers, who enable access to these data, and data users, non-tech companies which exploit data to achieve a strategic advantage. Their average valuations are still more reasonable.

In our view, an investment vehicle focusing on this powerful theme with a disciplined, down-to-earth strategy should provide superior returns over time. Launched in August 2015, Edmond de Rothschild Fund Big Data gives investors exposure to companies which are directly impacted by the data revolution or capable of harnessing it to transform their business model. The fund has returned 42%1 since launch, outperforming the MSCI World (NR) index by close to 13%.  

Selected companies are valued using a big data prism. To benefit from the theme, the fund adopts a dual approach. First, our transversal approach helps us build a portfolio that is not exclusively composed of tech stocks. At the same time, companies like data users, who have already transformed their approach to data in their main business to gain a competitive advantage, may represent up to 50% of the fund. But we also take a pragmatic approach by striving to focus on sector leaders, whether they be tech companies or not.  

We believe the right approach is to take a selective view when valuing these companies and assessing the products and solutions they offer. Our stock-picking skills are the fund’s main source of added value.

1 Past performance and volatility is no guarantee of future performance and volatility which may change over time, and can be separately affected by fluctuating exchange rates. Performance data does not take into account the fees and charges received when issuing and redeeming units. Source: Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (France). Returns for the A-EUR share of the Edmond de Rothschild Fund Global Data subfund from 31/08/2015 (inception date) to 31/10/2018. A-EUR share Performance: +41.95%, or an annualised +11.68%. MSCI World performance: +29.18%, or an annualised +8.41%.

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