Executive Benefits

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Extra-mandatory occupational benefits

Article 1 of the Swiss OPP2 regulation authorises occupational pension institutions, active only in additional, non-mandatory LPP contributions, to offer a choice of investment strategies to their policyholders.

  • In this context executive schemes ("1e") can be created within companies
  • These schemes are for employees with compensation in excess of the Guarantee Fund limit (CHF 126,900 in 2015)
  • Provide unique and attractive cover to attract and retain the best employees
« Bel-Etage » plan

Creation of a complementary plan

  • Description

    • ​Solution for the self-employed, SMEs and executive officers
    • Creation of a complementary "Bel étage" plan
    • Our service provider is the PensFlex collective foundation, a pioneer with over 10 years of experience
  • Differentiation

    • ​Flexibility in the choice of occupational benefits
    • Can be freely defined, by category, based on the policyholder's personal situation in line with the basic LPP plan
      • Insured risks
      • Savings bonus
    • A fully transparent solution (return and costs)
  • Benefits

    • ​Attractiveness of the scheme from a tax point of view
    • Additional buy-back capacity
    • Scheme favouring a capital payment on retirement
    • Greater flexibility in the collection of old-age benefits
    • Securities portfolio retained on retirement
    • Free choice of investment strategy
    • Key staff retained, targeted acquisition of the best employees

Key benefits of flexible occupational benefits

By category, the insured risk benefits and the rate of savings bonuses can be set freely according to the personal circumstances of the policyholders and in line with the basic LPP scheme.


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