OPP2 Siam Strategies

Occupational welfare in Switzerland

In Switzerland, social and occupational welfare is based on three pillars:

1st pillar: mandatory state-run social security (old-age/disability/loss-of-earnings insurance), ensuring minimum beneficiary subsistence

2nd pillar: occupational pension benefits(LPP), mandatory for employees to maintain their standard of living

3rd pillar: optional personal benefit schemes to cover broader needs

Occupational benefits (2nd pillar) have two levels:

Basic insurance providing minimum pension and provident benefits in accordance with the LPP. Both employers and employees are required to contribute

Additional or "non-mandatory" insurance cover which is solely at the employer's discretion. The additional cover can be: "over-obligatory", or clearly separate from a basic plan. In this case, the non-mandatory occupational pension can be more clearly separated from the basic compulsory pension. This enables more individualised pension asset management

Needs created:

Second pillar pension institutions (basic LPP and non-mandatory foundations) must comply with LPP investment rules and its execution order (OPP2 - Occupational Benefits Ordinance).

In this case, we refer to management under OPP2 restrictions, with respect to managing occupational pension fund capital.

Portfolio Management under OPP2 siam restrictions:

Description: strategies compatible with OPP2 legal provisions (nine allocation grids available)


    • Attractive pricing

    • Individual tailored management of non-mandatory pension savings.