Vested Benefits

Our expertise

Bespoke management of your pension savings

Current economic changes and labour market dynamics are leading to increased:

  • Professional mobility
  • Employer changes
  • Early retirements
  • Career terminations before retirement
  • Number of divorces

These events often require a vested benefits solution. When they occur, the pension savings accumulated by an employee are made available as a vested benefit when he/she leaves the pension fund, with two main consquences: 

  • Need to keep the retirement savings in the 2nd-pillar system
  • Need for a vested benefits fund institution: A vested benefits account is often opened with an independent foundation
Our offer

A flexible and transparent solution

  • ​Tailored management of occupational benefit savings
  • Option for complete risk insurance coverage
  • Innovative semi-institutional approach
    • Savings are managed as they would be by a pension fund. This ensures continuity, personalised management and your involvement in management decisions
    • Pricing is unchanged for the same strategy
  • Flexible, tailored solution
  • Full participation in the selected strategy's performance
  • Advantageous pricing and tax conditions
    • Tax benefits: the independent vested benefits foundation is registered in the canton of Schwyz
    • Private wealth and occupational retirement assets are coordinated via OPP2 siam strategies
    • Tax-efficient OPP2-type management with beneficial harmonised rates
  • The investment strategy can be changed at any time, free of charge
  • Total management cost transparency
  • The investment portfolio can be moved to a private securities portfolio with the bank on payment of the benefits