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Pass on your wealth to the next generation

Pass on your wealth to the next generation

A generational transition is a critical time for every family. It typically takes three generations to make and unmake a family fortune. The difficulties are primarily due to internal factors, particularly a lack of trust and communication between family members and insufficient preparation of heirs.

Our legitimacy

An experience gained over seven generations

At Edmond de Rothschild, we are aware that there is no single recipe to ensure the successful transfer of a family's wealth. However, lessons can be derived from the past. The Rothschild family has successfully overcome seven generational changes over the past 250 years.

The key reasons for this success are the ability to develop:

    Human capital, by giving family members opportunities to acquire new skills and motivation to work;

    Financial wealth, by using the right financial tools and by supporting entrepreneurship;

    Intellectual capital, by ensuring sustained communication between family members.

Our Family Advisory team helps you develop strategies and manage projects to protect, increase and transfer your wealth over several generations.

Our approach

  • A support tailored to your specific situation

  • A long-term relationship based on trust

  • A clear methodology, from the initial diagnostic of your wealth position through to the definition and implementation of the most appropriate solutions

Our assets 

  • Solid know-how

  • An international network of experts and contacts

  • A multidisciplinary team

  • Exclusive opportunities and experiences

Our offer

An international network of experts

  • Wealth structuring and succession planning

    ​Families are increasingly international and mobile. Regulations are becoming more complex and international. Wealth is more and more diversified.

    Given these trends, analysis is required to determine if structuring measures should be taken to protect your wealth and pass it on.

    The Edmond de Rothschild Group makes its top specialists available to its clients to ensure that they can effectively transfer their assets. Our solutions include both simple measures, such as a lifetime gifts and wills, and more complex arrangements including structuring of the assets that will be passed on. The approach can be adjusted by asset type (real estate, artwork, bank accounts, etc.). Transfers can also be managed over time via a trust or foundation.

  • Family Governance

    Family governance is a system of joint decision-making which enables the family to manage its relationship with its assets and companies. It is generally formalised in a Family Constitution, based on the family's vision and values. It defines a number of processes intended to obtain the agreement of the family members.

    Family governance can be designed in terms of:

    • Structures (i.e., creation of a Family Board and a Family Office)

    • Processes (i.e., execution of a Next Generation programme)

    • Policies (i.e., development of a family employment policy).

  • Next Generation education

    ​Generational change involves new challenges and responsibilities. For family succession to be truly successful, the concept of inheritance should not be limited to financial wealth but should include values, a network, capabilities and resources.

    With the right preparation and appropriate support, an inheritance can also be a source of opportunities. It can enable the next generation to implement innovative projects in both the business and philanthropic fields.

    As a family business with a long-term view, the Edmond de Rothschild Group is committed to safeguarding intergenerational interests. Thanks to its solid historical foundations, the Group can rely on its unique expertise to stay a step ahead and share its highly innovative solutions with heirs.

    Next Generation seminar

    The Next Generation seminar is an exceptional event which brings together a limited number of participants from around the world. The goal is to raise the participants' awareness about the challenges and opportunities of generational change. Participants leave with new ideas, projects, renewed motivation and precious tools to enhance the wealth and heritage of their families.

    For more information about the seminar, go to

  • Philanthropy

    The Edmond de Rothschild Group is with you at every step of your philanthropic project.

    What is the first step?

    There are many options available to successfully implement a philanthropic project. It isn't always easy to know where to start.

    The Edmond de Rothschild Group will assist you during the exploratory phase by putting you in contact with experts in the field of philanthropy. They will provide upstream assistance to define your philanthropic project (cause, challenges, scope, resource level and involvement in the project) and set up a strategy.

    We will also leverage our network to enable you to share the experiences of other philanthropists and specialists in the field. An understanding of different outlooks from the outset of a project can be very valuable.

    In what wealth context?

    Every philanthropic project fits into a given wealth context with specific concerns. They must be taken into account to select the right philanthropic structure. Given the complexity of these challenges, philanthropists find advice helpful when defining the parameters for their specific situation.

    The Edmond de Rothschild Group provides you with the means to structure your project. Our acknowledged expertise and experience in wealth planning enables us to provide you with comprehensive, personalised assistance coordinated with your advisors (notary, attorneys, etc.).

    How do I implement my project?

    Legal, strategic and financial support is required when creating a philanthropic organisation. It is based, notably, on the resources available to implement the project, the tasks assigned to the future organisation and the governance choices made.

    We provide you with our know-how and coordinate the various intervening parties to ensure the successful operational implementation of the philanthropic project.

  • Art

    ​The Rothschild family has a long tradition of commitment to art. Family members have sponsored renowned artists including Rossini, Chopin, Balzac and Delacroix. The Edmond de Rothschild collection at the Louvre Museum is one of the most important individual graphic arts collections in the world.

    Our team can provide you with an extensive range of art-related services, including:

      • Entertainment (conferences, publications, visits)
      • Education (customised education modules)
      • Assistance and representation for both private and auction sales
      • Art valuation and authentication in collaboration with independent experts
      • Art collection logistics
      • Art-related wealth planning

Our team

With the support of a network of international experts, our team will help you structure your wealth on an international level, set up a system of family governance, prepare your heirs and provide you with advice in fields such as philanthropy and art, which you are passionate about and reflect your family's DNA.