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Managing your assets

Managing your assets

Recognised since its creation for its expertise in investment services, the Edmond de Rothschild Group helps you manage your wealth with an offer entirely tailored to your needs. From fully delegated management mandates to complete autonomy or advisory management, it is up to you choose your level of involvement in the management of your assets.

" Identify and offer our clients the best investments in all fields. "
Our approach

The investment strategies best suited to your risk profile

Our investment services adjust to your expectations and asset strategy. Your private banker can provide you with occasional support, advisory services or turnkey management. In each case, our teams are there to recommend the best possible investments. They will direct you to the products best suited to your risk profile and your yield expectations, regardless of market evolutions.

Key points

  • A management offer suited to your needs

    Whether you choose a discretionary mandate or advisory management, our investment management team will assist you within the framework of the contract you entrust it with, based on your guidelines, expectations and risk profile. You can decide to retain control of your investments while receiving advice if need be. Alternately, you can delegate the daily responsibility of management via a discretionary mandate with total transparency. This strategy can be changed at your convenience.

  • Customised securities selection

    We select the best investment vehicles for you. Our analyst teams select the best equities and bonds on various markets. Our investment fund investment teams identify the best internal or external investment funds in all asset classes and markets.

  • Performance proven over time

    Our investment fund selection teams have been regularly awarded for the quality of their choices.

Analysis and risk Management

Risk management is at the heart of our Group's approach to wealth management. This management is based on a rigourous analysis of your risk profile. The latter takes into account the extent of your wealth, your family's structure and your objectives in terms of transmission.



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