Wealth Engineering

Our expertise

Structure tomorrow’s assets today

Structure tomorrow’s assets today

Both your private and professional assets will be transferred to the next generation. The Edmond de Rothschild Group’s private banking professionals will help you take the best possible decisions to structure and further grow your wealth.

" A financial, tax and succession analysis of your assets is the first step. They must also be aligned with your values and lifestyle, as well as those of your heirs."
Yvan Vaillant Director of wealth engineering, Edmond de Rothschild (France)
Our approach

Comprehensive, tailored advisory for each stage of your life

Needs, wishes and circumstances change as the years go by. Meanwhile our environment is also constantly evolving, even as the mobility of people and capital relentlessly increases and accelerates. It is therefore crucial to stop and reflect on your objectives and make concrete plans for the wealth that you have accumulated, taking into account aspects relating to taxation, real estate, debt and retirement savings and with a view to protecting your assets, optimising their management and preparing for their transmission.


Our tailored strategy is based on a comprehensive, customised analysis of your wealth

Our assessment takes in your needs and objectives, all aspects of your personal and professional situation and your overall financial picture, as well as how it will evolve over time.

Wealth planning

Designed advisory for our private clients

To meet your needs and objectives, our team of financial planners draws up a customised strategy that takes account of your overall financial situation, its evolution over a 15- to 20-year time horizon, your income/expenditures and your net worth including real estate, shares in companies, occupational benefits, movable assets and any potential debt.

This roadmap is based not only on the structure of your assets from a legal and financial standpoint, but also on a forward view of the likely evolution of your situation and plans.

With this in mind, we draw up a comprehensive financial balance sheet that forms the basis of a customised plan. The various resulting scenarios will enable you to take appropriate decisions designed to shape your personal and financial situation, whether this involves selling your company, buying property, planning your retirement, changing your place of residence or transferring ownership of your assets during your lifetime.

We provide this tailored service for private clients who reside in Switzerland.

  • Long-term evolution of your income and expenditures
  • Investment strategy and long-term evolution of your assets
  • Long-term changes to your tax expenses
  • Domiciliation in Switzerland
  • Real estate: purchase/sale, structured financing and maintenance
  • Salary/dividends
  • Marriage/common-law relationship
  • Transmission of your assets during your lifetime and/or inheritance
  • Tax optimisation, including through an occupational benefits plan or insurance policy
  • Retirement planning


All financial decisions have a tax impact. Our team of tax experts analyses your situation from this standpoint and proposes customised measures that take account of your objectives. Together with you, they study the various tax consequences of the decisions that you are contemplating.

Regardless of whether you are a pensioner, an entrepreneur or a senior executive, it is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of how your assets are structured and of the resulting tax burden.


  • Comprehensive advisory relating to income and wealth tax, anticipatory tax, corporate tax and their intercantonal and international breakdown
  • Specific advisory relating to taxation of occupational benefits, real estate, capital gains on real estate, property, donations/inheritance, registrations and property sales; advisory relating to tax disputes
  • Analysis of your tax returns, including projections and simulated tax calculations
  • Assistance in filing for voluntary disclosure with impunity
  • Assistance with domiciliation in Switzerland
  • Negotiation and renewal of tax rulings (on expenditure-based taxation and professional expenses, rectifications of tax deducted at source, etc).
  • Tax advisory on company succession


  • Tax opinions (in relation to your domicile)
  • Hiring and coordination of foreign specialists able to provide you with the specific advice and assistance that your require

Matrimonial and inheritance law

The key to successful wealth planning lies in its sustainability. If you wish to protect your family financially and lay the groundwork for the transmission of your assets, our specialists in matrimonial and inheritance law will advise you on how to preserve your wealth over the long term in tax-efficient conditions.

  • Transmission of assets during your lifetime
  • Tax on donations and inheritance
  • Matrimonial law: analysis of your present regime and advisory on existing measures to satisfy your needs and objectives
  • Inheritance law: information on the existing legal provisions and guidance on the most appropriate measures and instruments for your situation

Life insurance

A life insurance policy can help structure your assets by providing solutions that are tailored to your most complex needs. It is therefore an ideal savings and planning instrument for holding and transferring assets safely and confidentially, to the beneficiary(-ies) of your choice.