Human Capital in the 21st Century: Ariane de Rothschild intervention

News - 3/8/2016

Invited of the American International Club of Geneva shared her vision of the Human Capital in the 21st Century, over the lunch, held on March 8 at the Hotel d'Angleterre in Geneva.

During her speech, Ariane de Rothschild explained that the uncertainty due to the crisis and the digital revolution are the reasons that make human capital the key element of the 21st century. It should be regarded as the foundation of growth and development.

"Only men and women have the ability to end this. Economic evolutions have always been driven and shaped by people and their ability to generate and assist economic and technological transformations." Explained Ariane de Rothschild

She is also back on the
importance of digital in our society : “the digital revolution is the
modern-day equivalent of the 19th century's industrial revolution. It is
radically changing both our work life and our personal life. It accelerates
time, changes behaviors and questions the traditional ways of managing.
Decision-making processes have become more rapid. Mobility and always-on
connections are the new norm.”