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Customised management of your assets

Customised management of your assets

Family Offices can call on our Belgian branch for a number of specific services. Flexibility, discretion, security and respect are essential values for us, embodied by the Family Officer in their relationship with the client.

The defensive character associated with the Group’s low-risk profile defines us as the preferred partner of single and multi family officers. Tailor made services in terms of custody and consolidated reporting allow each family officers to find within the Group adequate tools to manage and monitor their clients’ assets. Gert Biesmans Deputy Director
What defines us?

A tailor made approach

  • Mandate management

    ​Our Belgian branch can manage part of a client's assets through a management mandate defined by the Family Officer and their client. The Family Officer will have access to the portfolios via an Internet application. If they want, they can also attend our meetings with the client.

  • Edmond de Rothschild, a safe bet

    ​Thanks to its cautious approach, the Belgian Branch has become a preferred partner for the custody of moveable assets and deposits. The service is also available as part of a structure in which there are several external asset managers for a given client. This approach provides a report per manager as well as a consolidated report.

  • Reporting

    ​Given the importance of reporting for a Family Office, we put special emphasis on this requirement and ensure flexibility. We can develop custom reporting in partnership with the Family Office, if required.

  • An effective partnership for our clients

    The teams can also provide advice in the area of family law, including tax implications (matrimonial regimes, succession, settlement of foreign accounts, etc.). The Bank's goal isn't to take on the Family Office's role, but to be a partner, when required.

  • Fund administration

    ​Edmond de Rothschild (Europe) has become an important player in the field of fund administration over the past years. This particular expertise enables us to, among other things, centralise assets in a fund structure. The Bank can therefore advise clients on the legal aspects of fund creation.

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You can only access services actually offered in your country of residence by contacting the Edmond de Rothschild (Europe) entity, Belgian branch which is duly registered in your country.