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Structure tomorrow’s assets today

Structure tomorrow’s assets today

Your assets form a whole that will be transferred to the next generation. You need to surround yourself with the legal and tax expertise required to fully understand and comply with your obligations and protect your heirs. Our professionals help you make the best possible decisions to grow your wealth in a safe legal environment.

To foster family harmony and enjoy your heritage with the serenity of having your future planed as a responsible contributor. Patricia di Croce Head of legal and wealth department
What defines us?

Complementary expertise

  • A broad scope

    In keeping with our brand's centuries-old values and traditions, we have developed unique know-how and expertise over time which enable us to advise clients and assist them with all financial and wealth management issues. Our specialised legal advisers can provide personalised answers to meet different goals: asset custody, protection, organisation and transfer of wealth, etc.

    Our specialised legal advisers will provide you with advice in the area of family law, including taxes (matrimonial regimes, succession, settlement of foreign accounts, etc.). They listen to your expectations and assist you with your projects.

  • Innovative, personalised solutions

    We provide our clients with unique expertise based on services and methods that combine tradition with a modern approach.

    Legal experts, analysts, managers... our specialists combine their expertise to address our clients' specific needs. Their goal is to ensure that our clients receive the benefit of innovative solutions especially adapted to their wealth strategy and projects. Our engineers can also call on all of the expertise available at the Edmond de Rothschild group to fulfil their missions.

  • React and anticipate

    ​Economic crises, legal or financial changes, unexpected personal or professional changes… many events can impact an asset management strategy. Our experts are responsive and, regardless of the circumstances, remain focused on our clients' assets and on defending their interests.  They have extensive experience and can become involved in the legal or tax matters of clients at any time to provide alternative solutions to secure their assets according to the changes in their environment.

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Patricia di Croce
Head of legal and wealth department

+32 4 234 9591
You can only access services actually offered in your country of residence by contacting the Edmond de Rothschild (Europe) entity, Belgian branch which is duly registered in your country.