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Protect and grow your capital

Protect and grow your capital

Recognised since its creation for its expertise in investment services, the Edmond de Rothschild group helps you manage your funds with an offer entirely tailored to your needs.

A Group expertise, a local business : manage your wealth. Marc Lallemand Head of Wealth Management
What defines us?

Conviction-based portfolio management

  • A solid bank and reliable fund managers

    A team of local asset managers provides portfolio services, primarily with a management mandate. The field requires excellent knowledge of the products, of their operation and of related taxes... and, particularly, of the clients who entrust their assets to us.

  • Special services

    Management mandates are intended for clients who want to delegate full management of all or part of their assets to our Bank.

    Mandates ensure that assets are allocated in the client's best interests, based on their objectives and a predetermined level of risk. Our management mandates are a high-end alternative to traditional fund management and part of a relationship based on transparency and absolute trust. This mutual trust strengthens over time. It is founded on an increasingly in-depth knowledge of our clients' situation (personal, family, professional, financial, etc.) and on a perfect understanding of their expectations.

    Our fund managers are experts in investment and market mechanisms. They work closely with our legal experts in wealth management. Our clients gain automatic access to all of the Bank's services when they entrust us with a management mandate.

  • Multiple services

    ​The asset manager is a close adviser responsible for managing all or part of a client's assets. They select the investment solutions best suited to their client's needs. Their choices cover all products available in the market and are, therefore, not solely limited to those we sell. All of the facilities developed by the Edmond de Rothschild group are available to them. They also benefit from preferred access to the Bank's international network and its subsidiaries, as well as to a very extensive line of products and services.

  • Explain and exchange

    ​Managers do more than simply manage portfolios. They are available to provide clients with information about the mechanisms governing the products chosen and to explain their characteristics as they relate to the management mandates entrusted to them. These exchanges are extremely important. They reflect the trust and transparency that guide our actions. They also enable managers to validate the relevance of their preferred vehicles. They ensure, over time, that the investment decisions made on behalf of our clients match their understanding and experience with the products and their investment strategy and that the products are suited to their financial and wealth situation.

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Head of Wealth Management

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You can only access services actually offered in your country of residence by contacting the Edmond de Rothschild (Europe) entity, Belgian branch which is duly registered in your country.