Private Equity

An innovative offer

Focused on growth and value creation

Focused on growth and value creation

The Edmond de Rothschild Group is a leader in private equity, using its family experience to assist companies. Our teams are not merely financial investors. They are active partners in company growth and work closely with company executives on value creation. Our investments in unlisted securities enable private and institutional investors to gain access to high-performance investment diversification solutions.

" Our Private Equity practice embodies our DNA. It reflects the way we assist companies, our long-term outlook on investments and the guarantee of corporate responsibility."
Johnny El Hachem CEO, Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity

Key figures

  • €3.1 bil in assets raised
  • €2.3 bil in assets under management
  • Over 100 companies in the portfolio
  • 5 continents on which we are present
  • Over 70 employees

Our approach

Our investments are characterised by minority holdings, selectivity, support for company governance and meticulously planned exits. They always reflect our purpose: to be a catalyst for development and growth and to align company interests with those of executives and shareholders.

Our teams work with well-established, profitable companies. They are selected after in-depth research, then monitored by a dedicated team. Our close relationship with management over the long-term and our understanding of the issues facing companies provide the foundations for the success and performance of our investments.

We build our private equity solutions using a robust structuring process in order to implement a resilient investment strategy defined by specialised and experienced teams.

Our flexible structure promotes an opportunistic and responsive approach which enables us to identify tomorrow's investment themes and build ad hoc teams with the best expertise to ensure project success.

A reactive approach to take advantage of the best unlisted investment opportunities