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Our expertise

Identify talent

Identify talent

The Edmond de Rothschild Group's multi-management expertise offers access to the most talented managers in traditional active management. The Group covers all asset classes and management styles. It generates high added value thanks to its in-depth analyses and selection of funds, the result of many years of experience.

Our approach

The analyzes combination

The Group combines fundamentals and quantitative approaches to identify the true drivers for performance of the selected managers.

The analyzes conbination 

What defines us

Fine selection and transparency

  • At the heart of the business: selecting and gathering talented people

    ​​The Edmond de Rothschild Group is motivated by the firm belief that some asset managers have the ability to outperform the market on a regular basis. The Group's selection process is based on detailed, consistent comparative analyses, designed to drive a dynamic of ongoing, continuous innovation.

  • In-depth studies based on the right combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis

    ​Based in Paris, Geneva and Luxembourg, the Group's management teams have many years of experience, enabling them to cast a critical eye on management companies and their funds. They go beyond trends and past performances to identify the true sources of added value as well as management tendencies that may harm future outperformance.

  • Customised, transparent solutions that meet all investors' needs

    ​​By integrating the risk constraints that are specific to each investor, the Group's teams build portfolios that are adapted to market conditions. They demand the very highest standards from selected managers and produce transparent reports that show all sources of value.

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