Weekly Economic Insights - 3 December 2018

Macro Highlights - 12/5/2018

Highlights of the week

Economist insights: Truce in the trade conflict negotiated alongside the G20 summit, rise in US consumption, stabilisation of the eurozone’s employment rate, and GDP contraction in Switzerland.


  • The US has agreed to temporarily suspend the additional increase in trade tariffs on Chinese imports set for 1 January 2019

United States

  • Slight acceleration in US disposable income and household spending in October 2018
  • Good outlook for consumption thanks to higher wages and a decline in energy prices


  • The unemployment rate continued to stabilise, and was at 8.1% in October
  • Limited impact on wage growth and inflation in 2019


  • After a year and a half of continuous expansion, GDP contracted by 0.2% in the third quarter…
  • … due to lower exports and investment spending

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