The time for sustainable investment

In the media - 1/18/2016

Read the interview by Ariane de Rothschild in Work, supplement magazine of L'Agefi Suisse, in which she shares her vision for how investing "should make a real contribution to society"

​The financial world appears to be subject to the tyranny of the instantaneous.  A pace defined by daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly results, it is often driven by quick decisions for immediate gains over a short-term period. However, financial activity is not limited to this single-minded approach.   For those who are concerned about the societal impact and sustainability, the pace is quite different.  "We can only support growth as long as we pursue a long term vision instead of solely short-term considerations," declares Ariane de Rothschild, President of the Executive Committee of the Edmond de Rothschild Group in an interview published today in WORK, our women in the economy magazine, in an issue dedicated to the decision making process.  Strategy, tactics, crisis management, depending on the context, decision making depends on different representations of time.  This theme is covered by Nathalie Kosiusko-Morizet, Deputy of the Essonne, Anne Richards, CIO of Aberdeen Asset Management, Maria Luisa Silva, Director of PNUD in Geneva, Valeria Gontareva, Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, Véronique Nebel, Head of Compliance at HSBC Private Bank, Chantal Koller, Director of Novagraaf in Switzeland and Anja Wyden Guelpa, Chancellor of the State of Geneva.