Stakeholder and community engagement supported by our employees

Collaboration and commitment

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

We are convinced that our long-term success and contribution to sustainable development depend on our active engagement with our stakeholders. We also want to perpetuate the Rothschild family’s philanthropic heritage and humanist values by providing our employees with the opportunity to contribute to sustainable development projects.

" Social contract harmony, knowing how to live together by embracing differences rather than tolerating them reluctantly, means unity without uniformity."
Ariane de Rothschild

Our strategic priorities

  • Our commitment with stakeholders, a win-win relationship

    The advent of a sustainable economy and a sustainable world will not result from isolated individual commitments. That's why we work on major challenges like responsible and sustainable investment with our stakeholders. We also want our annual sustainability report to provide a transparent and honest view of the progress we've made on our sustainability ambitions.
  • Donating expertise, another way to share our know-how for the collective good

    We invite our employees to get involved in the Group's philanthropic projects by donating their expertise, in close cooperation with the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations. Our employees take part in the Mozaïk RH association's PasserElles programme for professional integration through individual coaching. The goal is to help young, highly qualified women from underprivileged backgrounds to advance in their careers
  • Pro bono advice and support for social and solidarity enterprises.

    The Scale Up programme is managed jointly by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations and the ESSEC Group. It helps companies with a positive social and environmental impact move to the next significant stage of  their growth. Over the course of a full year they have access to know-how donated by Group experts in the areas of strategy, finance, fund raising and communication. As part of the Scale Up programme, we've developed partnerships with several well-known social enterprises since 2011.