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Our expertise

Tailored management of your family assets

Tailored management of your family assets

Family assets require sophisticated management. We provide a comprehensive, integrated service with a personalised approach and consolidated follow-up. Your private banker is both an orchestral conductor and your special advisor who coordinates all of the internal and external expertise available, locally and internationally.

" Our group’s strength is based on the values and experience associated with the Edmond de Rothschild name. We understand the issues of family governance and the challenges of managing family wealth better than anyone. We respond with the expertise and discretion required."
Pablo Torralba Chief Executive Officer
What defines us?

An international and customised approach

  • A cross-disciplinary vision

    ​Our goal is to help you protect and structure your assets and anticipate their transfer. To accomplish this, your private banker works in constant synergy with the specialised advisors you choose domestically and internationally to coordinate management of the various components of your family wealth.

  • We get to know you to advise you better

    ​Our approach is a direct result of our wealth management experience. We take a uniquely comprehensive and personalised approach to your wealth and your personal, professional and family situation. Your history, your family set-up, your lifestyle, your projects, the structure of your assets, your investment time-frames and your risk tolerance are all key factors which enable us to provide you with the best solutions to meet your needs.

  • Values we live by everyday

    ​A private banker who knows you and is committed to you for the long term is always at your side. We are on hand, available and discreet and advise you at all times, regardless of your family's needs. We are your contact point with the bank. We share the philosophy, ethics, integrity, independence, perseverance and thoroughness that have made our name.

Our offer

Ensuring a first-rate consolidated follow-up

  • Family governance
  • Consolidated reports on all assets and performance monitoring
  • Wealth audits
  • Setting long-term financial and inheritance strategies
  • Brokering the sale of a company
  • Assisting you with your real estate transactions
  • Preferential access to a network of acknowledged experts
  • Putting you in contact with an art consultant
  • Leasing of boats and aeroplanes
  • Club deals
  • Advice on international mobility
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Pablo Torralba
Paseo de la Castellana 55
28046 Madrid

+34 91 364 66 00
Edmond de Rothschild Group operates in Spain through Edmond de Rothschild (Europe), Spanish branch, with the head office located at Paseo de la Castellana 55, 28046 Madrid. It is registered with the Banco de España's Register of Banks and Bankers under number 1473 and with the Madrid Company Registry under number CIF W1081034I. Edmond de Rothschild Group also operates in Spain through Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (France) Sucursal en España, with the head office located at Paseo de la Castellana 55, 28046 Madrid and registered under number CIF W0017295G.