Advice on IPO and listed company engineering

Our expertise

Advice free of conflicts of interest

Advice free of conflicts of interest

Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance offers independent assistance in decisions relating to introductions to the stock market via IPOs whether from the perspective of the company or of the shareholders. We advise our clients on the choice of sponsor banks according to set criteria and help manage these banks throughout the process

Our activities

  • Initial public offerings
  • Capital increases/Convertible bonds
  • Advice on friendly and hostile takeovers, in defence or as a buyer for listed companies
  • Financial communication advisory services

Our added value

We provide independent decision-making assistance for companies and shareholders to open up company capital via an IPO.

We advise our clients on bank selection using a criteria grid. We also provide assistance in managing the banks throughout the entire process.

We take part in all IPO preparation work (selection of the parties involved, corporate structure, due diligence and management presentation, source document preparation, equity story, business plan, valuation and the relationship with the AMF).

We help with decisions on key IPO aspects (place of listing, communication to the market, transaction size and structure, schedule, etc.).

We also provide assistance with transaction follow-up (coaching, allocations, feedback).