Infrastructure Debt: Bridge tops €1.6bn in assets under management

Press release - 10/16/2018

In short
  • BRIDGE has quadrupled assets under management since 2014.
  • €1.4bn has been invested in 28 assets.
  • BRIDGE IV had its first closing over the summer with more than €250m in new subscriptions.

Assets under management at the Edmond de Rothschild Group’s infrastructure debt platform have quadrupled to €1.6bn since the BRIDGE I fund had its first €400m closing in 2014.

The first closing of BRIDGE1 IV at the end of July 2018 has so far raised more than €250m. Our fourth infrastructure debt fund has two sub-funds, a TEEC-labelled investment grade senior secured debt fund, BRIDGE IV Senior Energy Transition, and BRIDGE IV Higher Yield, a specialist high yield fund, which will seek to deliver higher returns in return for higher risk. Three investments have already been made by BRIDGE IV, including two for BRIDGE IV Higher Yield, with aggregate yields of 6.2%. 

BRIDGE IV is designed for professional European institutional investors. As with the II and III vintages, it also offers highly favourable Solvency 2 treatment. This Luxembourg-regulated fund aims to raise between €500m and €750m. 

BRIDGE IV’s first closing, which comes with three investments, showcases our strong agility in financing the real economy and reinforces our position as sector leader”, said Jean-Francis Dusch, Managing Director, BRIDGE CIO at Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management. 

BRIDGE’s London-based investment team has continued to deploy its assets at a brisk pace in 2018 with €170m invested in six deals in sectors like renewable energy, telecoms, storage of natural resources and urban heating concessions. As of end September 2018, our infrastructure debt platform had €1.6bn under management and had invested in 28 assets in 9 European countries for a total of €1.4bn and an average deployment time of 18 months.


1 Benjamin de Rothschild Infrastructure Debt Generation. 

This document is intended for professional investors only. Any investment in BRIDGE involves exposure to certain risks associated with the holding of debt securities such as, but not limited to, counterparty risk, non-redemption risk at maturity, deferred or anticipated repayment, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, currency risk and concentration risk. Risk of concentration (the investments in certain specific sectors of the economy can have negative consequences in case of devaluation of the concerned sectors). Certain sub-funds may concentrate their investments in assets belonging to specific sectors of the economy and will therefore be subject to the risks associated with the concentration of investments in the sector. The AIF’s do not guarantee or protect the capital invested, so investors may not recover the full amount of their initial capital invested even if they retain their units for the recommended investment period. The BRIDGE IV investment vehicles are intended for professional investors only or equivalent and may be subject to restrictions on certain persons or in certain countries. We therefore advise any interested person to ensure beforehand with his usual consultants that he is legally authorized to subscribe to the aforementioned products and / or services. Funds presented are not offered, sold or delivered directly or indirectly in the United States, or on behalf or in the interest of any person living in the United States. The assets of the fund are offered outside the United States in accordance with the exemption from registration in Regulation S of the 1933 Act. Any investment in BRIDGE may in any event only be made on the basis of Documents and information, the disclosure of which is provided for in the applicable regulations, which will be made available to investors free of charge by the Edmond de Rothschild Group prior to any investment. The figures, comments and analyses contained in this presentation reflect the Edmond de Rothschild Group's views on the economy and markets, their evolution, regulation and taxation, taking into account its expertise, economic analyses and information held at this day. However, they do not constitute any commitment or guarantee of the companies of the Edmond de Rothschild Group. The tax treatment depends on the individual situation of each investor and is subject to change at a later date.
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