More than eur 270M raised for Millesima 2021

Press release - 7/19/2016

Millesima 2021’s marketing period ran from January to June 30 2016. A fixed maturity fund focused on high yield investments, Millesima 2021 attracted strong demand from various client segments both in France and abroad, and raised a net EUR 270m .

This is the 6th fund of this type launched by Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management since 2008 and its success mirrors that of previous launches.

Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management offers a high-conviction approach to investing in high yield debt. Investments are managed by 4 specialist and experienced fund manager/analysts who run a total of close to EUR 1.5bn in this market segment. Their approach stands apart for its selection process which helps assess issuer company quality over and above simple ratings.

For investors looking to continue benefiting from opportunities on the euro-denominated high yield market, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management suggests the Edmond de Rothschild Fund Signatures Euro High Yield which has returned 4,9% so far this year and which still boasts an attractive yield to maturity.

Edmond de Rothschild Fund Signatures Euro High Yield is a sub fund of the Luxembourg-regulated SICAV which is approved by the CSSF and approved for marketing in France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, England, Italy, and Luxembourg. Millesima 2021 is a French regulated fund approved for marketing in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal. Regulation in each country relative to fund marketing rules is different depending on the country. The fund may be offered in a jurisdiction other than the country of registration especially for private placement if the law of such other jurisdiction allows it. If you have any doubts about the ability of marketing this fund, we invite you to contact your usual sales contact. No fund may be offered to a person if proscribed by the law of their country of origin or any other country with respect to that person or the product concerned.