Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance advises the Renson family company and its shareholders

News - 1/14/2019

Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance is advising Renson, a family company, and its shareholders through an equity investment by the Re-Sources investment fund

Renson – which is nearly a century old and based in the north of France – designs, manufactures, assembles, and sells equipment for the transfer, treatment, and storage of fluids (water, fuel, oil, fertiliser, etc.) using pumps, filters, reservoirs, piles, connectors etc.

Renson specialises in the agricultural sector and has become the leader in France in this area over the years, with a strong brand image, high-quality service, and unique offerings. Today, Renson also operates in the oil (fuel distribution), automotive, and manufacturing sectors, which all offer significant opportunities for growth.

Acquired in 2003 by Bruno Chesnel and supported since 2009 by CM-CIC Investissement, Renson’s 2018 turnover amounted to €18.5 million, up nearly 6% compared to 2017 and representing close to three times the level of turnover generated at the time of the acquisition in 2003.

The entry of the Re-Sources investment fund and the reinvestment by CM-CIC is part of a new development phase for Renson, with the aim of pursuing an ambitious acquisitions policy with a view to transforming the company into a medium-sized firm. Re-Sources’ entrepreneurial culture will help step up acquisitions.

Renson’s top managers will also take the opportunity to make equity investments, including Bruno Chesnel’s son and son-in-law, who have been with Renson since 2013.

Following the operation, Bruno Chesnel will remain the leader and majority shareholder of Renson along with his family.

Seller’s advisor for the transaction

Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance:

M&A Advisory: Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance (Sébastien Auger, Mohamed Rtel Bennani)

Renson: Bruno Chesnel, Julien Cantard, Léopold Chesnel, Jacques Demeyer, and Tanguy Desrousseaux.

CM-CIC Investissement: Philippe Traisnel

Re-Sources: Romain Rastel, Matthieu Billoir