Weekly Economic Insights - 30 July 2018

Macro Highlights - 8/1/2018

To monitor this summer

Our top six key events

The escalation of trade tensions was undoubtedly the main issue of concern for investors in the first semester of 2018

According to our analysis, stronger activity in the US and the caution of major central banks limited the rise in risk aversion, but the economic and financial environment remains uncertain

In this context, in this Weekly of the Economic Research Team we analyse the key themes, associated events and economic publications of the upcoming weeks:

  • Global trade: it should remain the main focus of attention during the summer

  • United States: will the robustness of US economic activity be confirmed?

  • Central banks: their communication could become more accommodative

  • China: the trend of the yuan and economic outlook should continue to be closely monitored

  • Eurozone: did German activity accelerate in the second quarter?

  • Switzerland: the Swiss franc should continue to play its role as a safe-haven currency

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