Outlook & Convictions n°1

Analysis - 7/26/2017

Edmond de Rothschild publishes the first edition of its House View.

This publication presents Edmond de Rothschild’s key convictions for macroeconomics, asset allocation strategy, and the principal asset classes. The summary of this document is below. 


Global Growth at a turning point?

  • The economic outlook has improved in most regions and inflation is back but business investment has remained weak
  • Chinese economic policy is key for global GDP growth in the second half of 2017 as the stimulus package announced by the American President is slow in coming
  • The eurozone continues to strengthen financially and politically and the euro is solid


Europe has regained its lustre

    • Allocation: focus on equities at the expense of bonds; prefer regions with strong earnings growth potential
    • Equities: overweight the eurozone, underweight the US
    • Bonds: spotlight on subordinated financials. Avoid interest rate risk


End of the quantitative easing road: where do we see opportunity and risk?

  • The leading central banks are preparing to undo the mammoth unconventional monetary policies they have pursued in recent years
  • One of the markets’ drivers is therefore set to turn against them, but this should not change the bigger picture much



Can investors still rely on bonds to provide safe, low-risk returns in the mid-single-digit range?


Favourable tailwinds for now, but don’t ignore valuations

  • Resurgent corporate profit growth and benign monetary conditions support the case for equities for now
  • We see this period as an extension of the already mature business cycle, not a new one
  • Markets are likely to continue to be characterized by rolling sector rotations until clear signs of the next recession


Myopic loss aversion and remembering one’s strategic asset allocation

  • There is a direct link between the frequency of checking one’s portfolio and risk-taking
  • By drawing up a strategic asset allocation and keeping it in mind, investors can better accept the turbulence encountered by individual assets


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