Life insurance

Our expertise

Increasing your capital

Increasing your capital

Your private banker will guide you to the life insurance policies and capitalisation contracts best-suited to your goals. They will advise you on individual life insurance and policy implementation and management in partnership with the leading insurance companies in France and Luxembourg.

Our approach

Tailored, flexible, high-performance life insurance solutions

We have developed a product and services offering which is intended specifically for clients with significant assets. The service brings together a team of specialists in life insurance advisory services and in the implementation and management of customised policies. Your private banker works closely with our experts and with all of the Group's specialised services to bring you effective solutions.

The independence of our broker Edmond de Rothschild Assurance Conseils (France) from the insurance companies we select and the wide range of options available guarantees objective advice and access to the best opportunities on the market.

What defines us

A flexible offer: from the simplest to the most sophisticated

  • ​Relevant and innovative solutions

    We develop unique solutions for your specific concerns. Investigating atypical cases enables us to provide exclusive services.

  • ​An extensive, tailored product line that includes:

    • Multi-support and multi-manager policies
    • Capital guarantee contracts within the scope of unit investments
    • Loyalty bonus policies
    • Diversified policies
    • Policies registered in Luxembourg, etc.

    It also includes annuity contracts and life insurance (with death benefits and key person cover, for example).

  • ​Open architecture life insurance policies

    We deploy our business based on an open architecture. Therefore, to best meet your needs and constraints, particularly in terms of diversification, our life insurance specialists select the best products and direct you to a selection of high-quality policies.

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Many of Edmond de Rothschild Group's life insurance policies  have been rewarded by the professional wealth management press for their relevance and performance.


The Open Strategies policy has received:

  • The Bronze Pyramid for Innovation awarded by Magazine Investissement Conseils (2005)
  • The life insurance Label of Excellence from Dossiers de l'Épargne (2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009)


The Open Latitude policy has also received:

  • The Dossiers de l'Épargne Label of Excellence (2008 and 2009)
  • The Rédaction d'Investissement Conseils Bronze Pyramid for Innovation (2008)
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