Private banking for women

Our expertise

Advising women

Advising women

Women have a particular approach to their finances. The protection and transfer of their capital are their major priorities. Our teams are aware of these expectations, both on a financial level and on a relational standpoint, and they offer personalised support in wealth management.

Women require a global and long-term vision of their property. They take account of the issue of wealth transfer very early on in their reflection Françoise Neige Private banker, in charge of the Women’s offering
Our approach

Specific needs

While women value capital protection and transfer most of all, they also value the ethics of their investments and the meaning in their actions. Women also look for a trusting relationship with their banker, they seek to create a dialogue where they fully belong. 

They have specific needs:

  • Financial security and planning
  • Matrimonial and family issues
  • Wealth planning taking children into account
  • Relevant and high-end information
Our offering

A dedicated point of contact , a unique entry point

Once a banker has been chosen by a client, he/she will remain her sole and preferred intermediary over the years. He/she will call upon the most relevant experts.

A team of experts made available to answer your needs

Our experts can assist you with every aspect of your personal and family wealth management: wealth planning and structuring, customised portfolio management, asset diversification, mergers and acquisitions consulting, real estate investments, artwork acquisition or philanthropy. Our decision-making process is quick, thus allowing for more creativity in the solutions we offer you.


Access to a women’s network

With the Rencontres du 47 and its partnership with Le Spot, the Edmond de Rothschild Groupe invites you to join a network of women motivated by common interests: securing their future, protecting their children, providing for their personal and professional projects, increasing their independence in terms of wealth management.

  • The Rencontres du 47 is Edmond de Rothschild's own women's network, where financial and investment issues are debated (real estate, investment, asset diversification, protection and wealth transfer, philanthropy). This network organises regular meetings on current topics.
  • Le Spot is a private social network for women, with 2,000 French and international members. It gives them access to "circles" – smaller thematic and private social networks animated by leaders, experts on their subjects.

Over the past 5 years, Edmond de Rothschild brought together over 800 women around varied influent personalities such as : Francine Leca, Heart surgeon, Danièle Thompson, Film maker, Muriel Mayette, former General Secretary at the Comédie Française and Delphine Horvilleur, Rabbi at women luncheons organized in partnership with CroissancePlus.

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