Our expertise

Investing in transport and social infrastructure

Investing in transport and social infrastructure

Our capital investment platform has allowed us to commit to infrastructure investments for many years. We focus on investing in transport and social infrastructure projects in particular.

" Infrastructure is a key factor in global economic development. Due to their budgetary constraints, governments have a strong interest in engaging the private sector to finance public infrastructure projects. Thus, this asset class is becoming increasingly essential in institutional investors’ portfolios."
Jaime d’Almeida Partner, Transport Infrastructure Investment Company
What defines us

An operational approach to European infrastructure

  • Infrastructure projects, long-term profitable assets

    Infrastructure projects are the asset class of the future. They meet sustainable development challenges and have high funding volume needs. There aren't linked to the financial markets and economic cycles and generate predictable returns for investors over the long term.

  • A balanced allocation of infrastructure projects and assets in operation

    We concentrate on transport infrastructure (roads, airports, ports, railways and parking lots) and social infrastructure (health and education) throughout Europe. 50% of assets are allocated to construction projects (greenfield) and 50% to privatisation, acquisition and refinancing projects (brownfield).

  • Active partnerships based on financial and operational support

    The team takes minority holdings of between 10 and 40 million euros with a great deal of operational and financial involvement in the projects.

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