Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance advises family shareholders from PLUS S.A./LOCARCHIVES Group

News - 5/31/2018

Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance advises family shareholders from PLUS S.A./LOCARCHIVES Group, which joins the ARCHIVECO Group to create the uncontested French market leader.

The ARCHIVECO Group, supported by investment fund Montefiore, continues its growth strategy with the acquisition of the PLUS S.A. Group and its subsidiary LOCARCHIVES, the French leader in third-party physical and digital archiving and document processing.

The deal will make ARCHIVECO Group the French market leader, and create a solid, national player that can confidently support clients in their digital transformation.

Founded in 1970 by Philippe Régnier, Plus S.A./LOCARCHIVES is a family group majority-owned by the founder’s descendants.

Since its creation, LOCARCHIVES has built up a strong identity by providing quality services.

Perpetuating, securing, dematerialising and sharing: LOCARCHIVES designs and deploys a wide range of complementary services in document and information management: outsourcing of physical archives, document digitalisation and processing, dematerialisation, electronic document management and archiving, consulting and support in implementation.

Present in all sectors of activity, and more specifically in the large French company segment, LOCARCHIVES offers solutions that comply with the most exacting regulatory and legislative standards. It obtains and regularly renews the main authorisations, labels and market certifications, providing a measure of confidence in its services for all its 6,000 clients.

The integration of LOCARCHIVES within the ARCHIVECO Group was made possible by Montefiore Investment, which set out to create a major industrial digitalisation project and to support the digital transformation of its clients.

A reference investor for service SMEs, Montefiore Investment puts companies’ growth projects at the heart of its operations, and seeks profitable and sustainable growth over a flexible investment period that is tailored to each situation. With a strong focus on the company’s human capital development, which constitutes an essential growth lever in service businesses, Montefiore Investment promotes ethical values, team work and excellence, along with a strong entrepreneurial culture.

Over 35 years, the ARCHIVECO Group has developed operational excellence that is recognised every day by more than 5,000 administration and company clients, and close proximity around its various core business areas:

  • archive management and conservation services
  • digitalisation services and business process outsourcing (BPO)
  •  electronic document management services
  • e-mail management software and electronic archiving
  • logistics advice and service

 The ARCHIVECO Group is thus speeding up its growth strategy. Having committed itself to an ambitious strategy, and following the integration of CD-Doc in 2017, the new group will have a turnover of nearly €80M, 750 employees and 11,000 clients; it will shake up the market by creating a national and sustainable French market leader, a trusted third party.

The Group supports clients from all sectors, including industry, banking/insurance, and the public, medical and audio-visual sectors. Their needs in terms of accessibility, sustainability, integrity, confidentiality, sharing and process digitalisation are developing constantly and increasingly quickly, and require the capacity to take charge of digital and physical documents and supports in all formats.

With its strengthened capacities and expertise, the ARCHIVECO Group is in optimum condition to serve and meet the needs of all its clients, offering a 360° view of their document management.

Advice to sellers in operation

Advisor to Plus SA/Locarchives :

Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance:

M&A advisory: Philippe Flament (Associate Director), Gonzague Pouradier Duteil (Director), Victor Auguin-Rougier (Analyst)

Financing advisory: Gregory Fradelizi (Associate Director)