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Asset diversification

Asset diversification

We offer a wide range of investments. In addition to an open architecture approach, your private banker will also use the most advanced expertise to provide you with new opportunities in diversified asset classes with the support of our dedicated specialists.

What defines us

Experience and conviction

  • An extensive offering for asset diversification

    Our teams provide you with extremely diverse investment opportunities that go beyond traditional asset management. They provide specialised knowledge enabling you to invest in innovative and diversified assets.

  • Multi-specialist and conviction management

    ​At a time when many managers are happy to follow the indices, our teams practice active management and favour investment in securities they believe in. They take a long-term approach which relies on in-depth financial analysis of the companies selected, implemented by experts in each one of our areas of specialisation.

  • Historical experience investing in the capital of growth companies

    ​With €1.7 billion under management, the Group is a historical player committed to capital investment. Our capital investment teams are experts in company analysis. They offer diversified investments which will enable you to take part in the economy's growth.

  • A pioneer in alternative multi-management

    ​The Edmond de Rothschild Group has been active in alternative multi-management since 1969 and has since become one the main players in the international arena. Our teams around the world identify, select and bring together the best talent in the alternative universe to offer you the most attractive performance/risk pairs.

  • Relevant quantitative management models

    ​Our teams are pioneers in quantitative management. They focus on risk monitoring to model dynamic asset allocation programmes that generate regular performance under volatility constraints.

  • Performance proven over time

    ​Our management teams receive performance awards every year.
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