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Adapting to your investment needs

Adapting to your investment needs

The Edmond de Rothschild Group, recognised since its creation for its expertise in investment services, helps you manage your investments with an offer entirely tailored to your needs. From discretionary mandates to advisory services or complete autonomy, you have the ability to decide your level of involvement in managing your investments.

Our approach

Personalised investment

Based on a complete view of your investment objectives and wealth management strategy, we work with you to develop personalised investment solutions to suit your needs.  Whether you choose a discretionary mandate or advisory services, your private banker and investment specialist will support you within the framework of the agreement you entrust us with.  In each case, our teams will direct you to the products and solutions best suited to your investment objectives, risk profile and expected returns, even during market downturns or periods of extreme volatility.

What defines us

A tailor-made culture

  • Discretionary portfolio management

    For clients who do not have sufficient time to manage their investments, or who may be less familiar with the complex financial markets, we can take responsibility for the on-going management of your investments. 

    When working within a portfolio management mandate, our experienced portfolio managers based in Asia create portfolios across traditional and alternative asset classes, geographical regions and sectors to suit your investment appetite and diversification needs.

    You can select a traditional mandate based on market anticipation and investment opportunities which reflect our group's investment philosophy.  The mandate will be adjusted to your risk profile and yield objectives.

    Alternatively, you can select a bespoke mandate for a more personalised approach which will integrate your thematic requirements and your constraints in terms of risk exposure.

    Discretionary mandates are monitored regularly and clients are updated on the performance of their portfolios with any necessary modifications on an ongoing basis.

  • Investment advisory services which put you in charge of your decisions

    For clients who choose to take an active role in managing their investments, we can provide you with specialist advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions.

    Our advisory services enable you to establish a direct relationship with a dedicated expert who provides customised advice on asset allocation based on your investment profile, time horizon and risk and reward expectations.  However, you retain total control over all of your investment decisions.

  • Self-directed investing

    For clients who do not always need investment advice but would like an efficient dealing service, our experienced team in Asia provides an effective platform to execute a range of investments across global markets.  Although you decide your own investment strategy, our team is on hand to provide any guidance you may need.

  • Customised securities selection

    Based on an open architecture approach, we select the most suitable securities and investment vehicles for you, either in the equity markets, foreign exchange, bond or money markets.  Your private banker will provide you with access to an extensive range of funds, as well as access to our dedicated teams of analysts who specialise in the equity and bond markets.

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