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Plan and organise

Plan and organise

Starting at a given level of wealth, assets are often neither solely personal nor professional. They are a whole that will be transferred to the next generation. Our professionals help you make the best possible decisions to structure and grow your assets.

What defines us?

Ability to anticipate

  • Wealth structuring expertise

    ​Our teams help you compile a clear, concise and complete inventory of your assets including business, financial, real estate and art assets. Our experts will advise you on how to optimise holding structures to ensure that you make the best possible choices.

  • Highly specialised succession planning teams

    ​Succession must be planned early. Our teams are available to inform you about tax regimes, legal subtleties and the best options to prepare your succession for the very long term. They are experts in the complex issues which increasing numbers of families with multiple international domiciles have to deal with.

  • Expertise in philanthropy

    ​The Rothschild family's experience in philanthropy through many generations, led the Edmond de Rothschild Group to develop a complete range of dedicated skills. We provide this expertise to help you implement an effective philanthropic approach which is consistent with your assets and your values.

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