Asset Allocation and Sovereign Debt

Our expertise

A dedicated specialists center

A dedicated specialists center

The Edmond de Rothschild Group combines its abilities in macroeconomic analysis, by covering a wide range of asset classes within the Asset Allocation and Sovereign Debt division. This division creates very strong synergies, interacting with all the management teams.

Our approach

Analysis and flexibility

The overall top-down approach taken by the Group enables an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of the global economy. In particular, it allows flexible and tactical management of core* and emerging sovereign bonds, creating strong added value for investors.

Top-down analysis 

* The eurozone core countries refer to countries that investors deem financially sound, like Germany or France.

What defines us

Complementary expertise

  • A macroeconomic vision, multiple tools

    ​The Edmond de Rothschild Group's expertise follows a fundamental top-down approach. Understanding global macroeconomic developments allows the teams to anticipate monetary policy, interest rate movements and capital flows. These analyses result in active management on sovereign debts and the relative allocation of different asset classes.

  • A team of complementary specialists

    The management team is made up of 9 specialist managers with complementary skills and knowledge. Each is responsible for the analysis and monitoring of one market segment. The team uses a varied range of instruments (direct securities, undertakings for collective investment, derivative products), allowing it to be reactive and flexible in the face of market fluctuations.